Saturday, March 21, 2015

I want to come back to you!

It had been HOW LONG???!!!!
But I am starting to feel the urge to start blogging again.... so much yumness as we head into autunm here in NZ.
In Nelson it still very warm in the day time but gets nipply in the evening.
I have been to a most wonderful sale.... the  'Eclectic Jumble Sale'.
It has historically been held in Wellington, but this year wee ol'Nelson gets a turn!
The shop is based here in Nelson  and has a quite the collection of goodies (mostly too pricey for me).
I shall take photos and show what I scored soon!
I still scour the ops shops and find treasures so will also start re posting.
I love seeing other people treasures too - so let's share!!
Feeling my autumn colours.

last swim of summer - just 2 weeks ago.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

it's been so long...

so much has been keeping me busy!
burlesque shows and classes,
travelling to wellington for the NZ burlesque festival,
being a mumma, turning the big 3.0,
facepainting at a mexican festival, 
starting a new job at LUSH! 


trying out lush lippy!

facepainting at the 'dia de los muertos' festival (day of the dead - mexican festival celebrating life and death)

my birthday party!

got my piccy in the dom post whilst i was in welly!

myself and my dear comrade ginger posing in the sideshow entertainment!

Monday, September 9, 2013

busy busy bee

wow - have been super busy as of late!
i went on tour!!
yep -what a rock star!!
hahaha- i was asked to join some other burly babes from the south island
on a wee tour of the top of the south!
it was so tiring but very fun!
we went to Christchurch, Blenheim and Nelson.
i took my wee man down to Christchurch on the bus with me 
as his aunt and cousin are down there 
unfortunately a truck had tipped over in Pelorus and no traffic could get through - 
we waited for an hour!!
we missed our connecting bus from Blenheim to Christchurch and had to wait 3 hours until the next one.
luckily i found some Blenheim oppys!!
one store was having a spring clean sale and all items were 50cents!!
score! will show you those in another post!

the wonderful view of lyttelton from our 'dressing room ' -actually a kitchen!!
so glamourous is the life of a burlesque showgirl!

just love the decor in 'the wunderbar'

gotta have a silly selfie back stage , we had our hair done by Janine Jansen

stopped in Kaikoura for lunch on way home and it was glorious!!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

in my kitchen - skulls and roses

in my kitchen , i can see
some skelly faces looking at me ...

in my kitchen , i can see...
a crown lynn jug, belonging to me

in my kitchen i can see....
a kewpie doll , cute as can be

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

op shop showoff

cute wee pyrex dish $1
teatowel 50cents
i love that they match!

cute rose cameo hanging -  $1
looks fab in my kitchen!!

purple leather clutch - $1
i couldn't leave it behind!! purple leather!!

linking in with max and the opshop showoff!

Friday, August 9, 2013

a lovely present & more nz label love

has spring sprung?
it certainly feels like it today!

Victory Square

i arrived home from a walk with 'the rugrat prince'
to discover a parcel on the doorstep...
ooh exciting!

inside was something most fabulous indeed!
retro hot rollers from one funky mumma!


thank you to you Op Shop Mama! 
i have been searching for a retro set of hot rollers for a wee while now :)
i have a few things i may have to send your way!

to finish off i have a few more made in nz labels to share .
i am thinking of doing a round up page of label love as there really 
isn't much info out there at all about retro/vintage nz clothing .
watch this space...

(excuse the bad photo's from my phone) 

this  skirt looks horrible on a hanger! but it's fantastic on . 
it has 2 pockets and flares out at the bottom

ok - so i have a "thing" for ugly cardies! 
i can't help it - i have quite a few.
this 'reno' one i scored for $1 
i also have a cropped , burnt orange coloured cardie by the same label!

ooh it looks hideous in this pic! 
i'll have to do some pics where i'm wearing my ugly cardies! 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

freebin friday and a lush experience

found a lovely wee glass tea cup and saucer today 
you can't tell in this bad photo but there is roses and leaves molded in the glass.
super pretty and FREE!

last night i attended a Lush VIP Perfume night, to promote their new range of Gorilla Perfumes.
it was so devine and we go spoilt!!
the night was designed to be a sensory delight.
as we were introduced to each fragrance we moved around the shop, different music was played, 
and they used props like orange lollipops when we smelled 'the sun'.
freshly brewed coffee whilst experiencing 'the voice of reason', a taste of vanilla and coconut whilst smelling 
"furze' and feeling fresh foliage whilst trying out 'flower's burrow'  - which was my FAVE!
we got a freebie for attending and more free gifts if we bought something (of course!)
i am such a lushie fan! their products are amazing so i don't have a problem with that!!