Thursday, March 21, 2013

freebin fridays

i love checking out what is in the op shops free bins, sometimes treasure, sometimes trash.
i especially enjoy seeing an item that i have seen in the shop for a couple months then being turfed in the freebin, some things you can't even give away .

nelson is pretty good for free bin rummaging, there is pretty much always a free bin outside the st vincent de paul, the hospice, the red cross and the spca op shops!

so on a friday my goal to go have a dig and show you the result!

today's find is a yellow vintage egg poacher!
as i walked into a vintage shop to look at the dresses , the sales assistant saw it and was surprised it was in the freebin! score!!

so if anyone knows of any other blogs doing freebin fridays, lets link up?
show me what you found in your local free bin on a friday?!

one last pic, i made THE BEST banana cake last night , following an alexa johnson recipe (she is the best and if you don't know about her, look here  - ladies a plate  )

yes the end is cut off- someone couldn't wait ;)


  1. Hello!!!
    That's a rather strange and slightly dodgy looking egg poacher! I've never seen anything quite like it!
    Thanks for dropping by! Splendid to "meet" you!

    1. hello! thanks for commenting! have been stalking you all for a while so thought i had better give it a go :)
      isn't the poacher hilarious! i doubt i'll actually ever use it for real!


  2. update on egg poacher - probably not vintage, i have found "retro' listings on etsy and a brand called amco selling them for about $35.
    still ,it's hilarious and will be great for our easter garden party next weekend :)

  3. That egg poacher is awesome! Try it!!! Score, for free! I'll try and do a free bin friday. There's only a couple in Hamz that have free bins actually.. but if I see one I defo have a good rummage!

    1. Haha. Watch this space! Can't wait to see what you find :)

  4. That cake looks deliciously naughty! Will you be posting more recipes? I'm all about the online sharing of tried and tested sweets!
    P.S. I'm glad you're blogging, if you stick with it, you'll find it's quite rewarding.
    Bella @ Sea and Salt

  5. I shall make sure to add recipes, I love baking at home!
    Sharing of recipes sounds fantastic!
    Thanks for your lovely comment :)