Thursday, March 21, 2013

thrifty finds

 I thought it might be fun to do a round up of opshop bargains each week , here is a start....

Top Left - toy cars for the rugrat prince .20c, red measuring cups $1, bone china plate .10c, mini plastic cups .50c, hello kitty mini fans $2, eggshell plate and bowl .50c
Top Right - vinegar and oil set $3, retro print dress onsale $1
Bottom Left- form rep badge(i never had high school badges) $1
Bottom Right - ceramic petal vase .50c

Not pictured vintage black skirt and petticoat $1 each

A good week of opshopping!


  1. Hi nice to meet you! LOVE seeing what other peeps score at the oppies.. Seriously why would anyone buy anything new?!!
    Just trying to work out how to follow your blog, then I will!


  2. I'm trying to figure it out too - please put a Follow or Join This Site link up so we can follow!!

    Also pleeeeeeeeeease remove the Word Verification from comments!!

    Sarah xxx

  3. thanks ladies! i shall work out how to do this things asap :)