Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Collection Selection - Alice Books

 i have been collecting alice in wonderland books for about 5 years, i thought i would have more by now but still i am pretty happy with this collection - i am always on the lookout for new ones ;)
i really love seeing how alice and the characters get drawn by different artists.
all of these books have been thrifted , that's the rule of the collection.

got to have a disney copy!

i quite like this cover!

this one is also very good!

a peek inside 

this has the best find ever! $2 from an opshop - i have seen this online for around  $150

the pop ups are ah-maze-zing!

a mad tea party

the final page is quite spectacular!

i have loved alice in wonderland since i was a very little girl and have had countless mad hatter tea parties, my 24th birthday i transformed my friends farm into wonderland, and have even performed in an alice in wonderland burlesque show - as the mad hatter of course!

linking in with opshopmamas collection selection - make sure you go and check out other awesome people collecting awesome  things!


  1. I love that you have a rule about only opshopping them! It's amazing how many people are into Alice, my bestie has long been obsessed! XXX

  2. That's awesome! I like that rule too - that's a way to keep the collection smaller! There 's a woman here in Hams who has an amzing Alice collection, incl other stuff too apart from books.
    I love the books. Especially the last one - that's amazing!
    (Thanks for linking!)