Wednesday, April 3, 2013

easter weekend and thrifty finds

whoops - easter creeps up and gives you mush brain!!
a bit late on the posts - but here we go....
we had our easter garden party - in a tent!
we hadn't put up our huge tent in a while and wanted to make sure everything was still in working order.
it was and we enjoyed hanging out in it so much we kept it up for the weekend.

                                        the kids had great fun running around and making crafts.

                                     we had a glorious sunny afternoon spent at the local park

                                   we walked the railway reserve - again a lovely, warm day in nelson

now onto THRIFTY BITS..
i have stumbled on a new cute wee opshop and woo hoo - it is a treasure trove!

the cute cookie tin was $1 
stack of 3 crown lynn bowls $1 each 
 fresh tomatoes from our garden!! nom nom

 the cute mug was only .50c.
it has 'made in new zealand' on the bottom
does that mean it is a crown lynn?

AND me and my sis got matching tattoos- she is moving away (sob sob) 
and this was our wee present to each other.

i am enjoying the change in the season, the darker, colder mornings, snuggling up at night, 
pulling out tights and boots to wear!

what is your favourite thing about autumn?


  1. Yep that's crown Lynn for sure.
    Great scores from the op shop... You'd better make regular appearances down there!
    Awesome idea getting matching tats . But ouch on the wrists?
    Cool colourful Easter party.

  2. O, thank you sweetie, for the lovely comment!!! I'm mega chuffed to think I could inspire rather than repel!!! I expect getting one's mojo back in all arenas after a baby is tricky!
    I am rather besotted with your lovely bow tattoo, and I love how you and your sister have matching ones!!! YAY!