Friday, April 19, 2013

freebin friday (on a saturday!)

i was packing and cleaning and generally getting ready for tonight's burlesque gig - i forgot all about free-bin friday !!
i had saved the photos from the 'opshop extravaganza' i went on  the other day.

from the freebin this week...

 yup - original starwars photo book - i am a star wars geek , this came out in 1983 , the year 'return of the jedi' was released and maybe also the year i was born *ahem* ;)

also this beautiful flower fairies book
look inside the cover...


they both are in a tattered state and thrown in the free bin where such things go to die - but i rescued them , and will give them a home for a few more years yet 


  1. I can't believe someone threw that starwars book out! It's EPIC!

  2. AWESOME!!! Glad they found a good free home!

  3. The flower illustrations on the cover of the fairy book are beautiful. Amazing what you find in the free bin.