Monday, April 22, 2013

stormy weather...

it rained, it poured, it flooded...
you can read about it here
we were ok, but out in the 'burbs- stoke and richmond ,  it got really bad .
some families had rivers come right through their homes!
so sad.

rain clouds from my porch

come monday , boy , did we get cabin fever and need silly yet necessary grocery supplies, like nappies and milk.
i don't drive so i rugged up the rugrat prince and we went to the supermarket, which is luckily just down the road.
we have to pass 3 op shops on the way to the supermarche... and what sort of thrifter sister would i be if i didn't pop in! ;)

here's what i scored on a rainy day...

 dean board book  .50c - i have quite a few of these now , such beautiful pictures
alice in wonderland book .50c - i collect alice books, will have to link in to op shop mama's collection posts soon! 

 olga berg hot pink mesh purse -with tags on $1 - how could i resist!
funnily enough the pink scalloped bag i got last week is also of the olga berg brand - i've heard of it til now !

 cute 80's bag $1

super cute napkins from ireland - $1
the colours are quite washed out here but these are really bright!

not bad for 4 bucks!!

so glad the sun has come out today!

edit :
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  1. Nice finds on a rainy day!
    I love the pink mesh purse. I have a mesh gold change purse I bought from a garage sale. I paid $2 and it wasn't even brand new. *hehe*
    I think you got the better deal!

  2. Loving those vintage storybooks :) Lisa x

  3. O, sweets, thank goodness you guys cop the rain bad up there! There's been a flood every year for the last few, hasn't there?!
    Thank goodness you were able to get an opshop fix in!! I quite like the 80's bag! XXX

  4. thrifter sister, i like that phrase! always good to 'meet' a fellow thrifter sister who would even siwm to the local oppy to get her fix in! love the illustrations in the nursery rhymes book, so sweet. ace to have you linky-ing up x