Wednesday, April 17, 2013

you give a little love and it all come backs to you

hello! wow it's really autumn now! brrrr but those glorious sunny days!
i have had a mixed emotion week and weekend... my sister and gorgeous niece have moved to a new town on a new adventure- sad but happy all at once.
the rugrat prince and miss princess cupcakes are only 2 months apart in age so they have really grown up together thus far and really love each other.
we feel lucky that skype exists in these situations as they love chatting to nana already so now can skype each other!
in good news i have made a new friend and we went on a crazy 'opshopping day extravaganza!" 
it was pouring with rain but we bundled up the kids in jackets, prams with rain covers and off we went - neither of us drive so it added to the fun!
we met at my place and walked into town - hit all the opshops then bused out to richmond (half an hour from  nelson), then bused home again .. boy were we tired on the bus home....
 holding on to our cargo 

tired on the way home

anyway here are the scores we got :


pink plastic dish .50c, green pyrex dish $1, orange tupperware funnel .20c, 4 plastic cups .50c.

oh yes, retro pyrex is my THING right now! it just keeps showing up !

i have a serious addiction to bags, like most thrifty females!
one day i will show my collection... 
bags and purses were $1 each at the hospice shop this week! it was hard to get it down to just these 3 - but i feel i made the right decision! 

 this one is so pretty , very small though - almost like a document holder and it smells like little old ladies in a GOOD way! 

 some old fake flowers for a project i have going on - costume related ;)
the little lady in the st vincent charged me 5cents for all 3 - i said oh but there isn't 5cents anymore - how about 50cents. she looked a little confuddled - bless!

fake fur coat for only $5! whoop!

 so snuggly and warm

the piece de la resistance.... retro portable organ
it was $10 - but i'm giving it to the MR for his birthday (i'm safe posting it here - he doesn't look)
he is a muso geek - so this will be perfect!


I also scored a pair of new jeans and a black skirt - $2 each but they are in the wash!
the rugrat prince scored a train for free from one of the little ladies in one oppy!
i did score something from the freebin's - but will leave that for tomorrows freebin friday post!



  1. YAY to op shopping expeditions!!! OMG your scores are AWESOME!!! Totally jealous of that candy coloured keyboard. And those bags!!! Especially that scalloped pink one: DROOL!!
    Stink one about your sister moving.. bummer.

  2. Well you really did score some great stuff!
    Your green dish is gorgeous.
    And the purses and change purse are fabulous. I love the fishy scale purse!!
    I would have snatched that fur coat like nobody's business had I come across it.
    HECK you look beautiful in it.
    Also that keyboard is totally funky. The colored keys just up it's coolness factor. =D
    Thanks for following my blog, it's nice to meet you.