Saturday, May 18, 2013


amazing how days turn into weeks isn't it!?

here's what been on the go:

 the rugrat prince starting kindy and getting used to a new routine

lots of upcoming shows!

i have had a LOT of crown lynn bargains - will need a post of its own!
might be addicted to finding crown lynn - it's like treasure hunting!

i also went to a costume shop  sale - soooo good!
will also need a post of its own!

and i am leading an all girl team in the 48 hour film fest, 
where we have to write , shoot and edit a short film over a weekend!
wow- so much fun!!

and i'm also organising a VIP HIGH TEA to fundraise for The NZ Breast Cancer Foundation!

 just busy enough aye!

look what i scored from the free bin last week!
we have used it to tidy the counter and store the jars of hot choc, milkshake etc.

1 comment:

  1. Sheesh busy alright!! I love the 48hr film thing - but WAY too tricky for me! Lots of my mates get involved.. Good luck with that! And everything else!!
    Great free score! You're the freebin Queen!!