Thursday, June 6, 2013

and i'm back... free bin friday

hello! how are you in your wee corner of the world?
i awoke this morning to a frost - nothing to bad though.
I found some photos of an op shop adventure i had a bout 4 weeks ago...

heart baking tray - $1

winter clothes and pj's for the rugrat prince - $3

cute & ugly mug - thought it might be crown lynn on first look - but actually says 'made in japan " on the bottom 

that's right - food in  a bowl nom nom nom - $1

nana bag!!! $2 it does have a "house of g ' label but hey !!

awesome bag of wooden alphabet blocks and woooden train for only $2!!!!

i have also scored a few other cool things - loads of crown lynn including  THE BEST STASH OF CROWNLYNN PLATES TODAY...
i was just casually walking past the Red Cross oppy today and glanced in their free bin .. here is the convo that went on in my head ..
'oh look they are getting rid of loads of plates' ..' wait i know that pattern.'
'WHAT " they are getting rid of this!"
'Rummage and run!"
7 pretty new crown lynn plates

pretty pretty!
now i can swap all my plates over to crown lynn!!
 op shop mama said i may be the free bin queen and well, today i certainly felt like it!

do you have free bins in your town and what scores do you get?
nelson has quite a few of them!

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