Saturday, June 22, 2013

baby, it's cold outside

it snowed in nelson!!
yes it it did! if you squint you can see wee sprinkle of snow we got!

look there!!

so me and the rugrat prince baked a sprinkle cake - it was a very easy recipe and tastes SO GOOD!
you can find the recipe here 

also in the baking world- i got given some friendship bread
you have to mush this bag for 5 days , then add flour, sugar, milk , mush for another 5 days, add more , 
seperate the mix out , pass on 3 portions to friends and then bake your portion.
it's quite cool!
you can find out more here 


  1. I want cake with sprinkles!!! And friendship bread!!! And a baby panda.

    Sarah xxx

  2. Far out I just got a Friendship Cake mixture the other day!! We're up to Day 4.. but it's not in a bag (it's in a bowl) and it's called Herman the German! Kids are loving it!
    Yes C.O.L.D!!