Wednesday, June 5, 2013

so many things - so little time

 well, i have certainly been a busy little bee!
from taking part in the 48hour film fest (lots of fun, not so much sleep!)
to hosting a Pink Ribbon High tea to fundraise for the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation.
I have also started volunteering one morning a week at the local SPCA opshop.
which is great , and no , i havn't been taking advantage !
i really wanted to do something for myself since the rugrat prince is at kindy now!
what better way than giving back some of my time to animals!

here is the glorious spca opshop! 

a gorg mostly 'crown lynn' diplay at the sally army oppy - you should of seen  some of the prices though!
word on the street is that they had a antiques dealer come through the store and price things for them!

me and the fam just spent 3 glorious days at our good friends home atop  takaka hill.
we were rained in for most of it - but still had a lovely time!

must make a point of uploading some recent op shop finds!!

1 comment:

  1. Good for you volunteering at an oppie! I would be tempting to buy everything though. Tell us more about this breast cancer High Tea?