Tuesday, July 2, 2013

label love

a neat thing i saw over at the velvettes blog 
is that she takes photos of labels of her ah-maaaz-zing dresses
so i thought i'd take some too.
there doesn't seem to be alot of info out there on retro/vintage 
made in nz clothing 
(or maybe there is and i'm looking in the wrong places?!)
so please if you know anything about any of these labels, or you have some of your own 
lets talk about it!!

(excuse the actual garment pics - after taking pics of the labels my camera was running out of battery!)

The colour of this cape - is amazing! scored at opshop for $3!

Another opshop score for $5
This dress doesn't look like much on the hanger - but i add a waist belt and it looks great!
i love the sleeves!

This raincoat is awesome! i nips in at the waist and looks like a princess coat!
perfect for wearing over dresses with petticoats!
and yes another opshop of $2 i think - i have it for yeeeeears!

very sweet dress , has a pocket on one side!!
scored this baby for $4 and it fits like a dream!

this jacket is MY LOVE
it is so snuggly and warm and makes me feel like a glam starlet!
found on a retro rack for $15 - took it to the counter and the cute little old lady
made my day by giving it to me for half price!

last - a very cute label!
this dress is amazing! it has full skirt so i usually wear a petticoat under it.
it has a beautiful black and orange flower on the bottom right hand side.
my camera though was so out of battery by the time i got to this dress!


  1. Wow....I loved seeing your NZ labels. Go Freddie Allen! That rain coat is divine...I'd snap that up in a heartbeat! And I love the floral sundress. Xx