Monday, July 22, 2013

magick in the dark

a friend of mine and myself took our boys to 
LIGHT NELSON on sunday night.
it was magick!
local artists were invited to take part and make a light sculpture.
we saw pixie towns, a massive lotus flower, huge lit barrels, 
glow in the dark space creatures, walked through a rainbow, a shadow puppet show, 
floating sculptures, projections on bodies - and so much more!
16,000 locals filled Queens gardens on Sunday eve! It was hard to navigate our blanket laden prams around!
So great to see it succeed though!
 It only ran for 3 nights, it was a free event and it's school holidays!
It really felt the community was reclaiming the gardens - as some not-so-nice-things have happened in the gardens in the recent past.
i wish i had taken my camera! but looking after the kids in a huge crowd was hard enough!
more pictures here .
i hope they run the event again.

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