Friday, August 9, 2013

a lovely present & more nz label love

has spring sprung?
it certainly feels like it today!

Victory Square

i arrived home from a walk with 'the rugrat prince'
to discover a parcel on the doorstep...
ooh exciting!

inside was something most fabulous indeed!
retro hot rollers from one funky mumma!


thank you to you Op Shop Mama! 
i have been searching for a retro set of hot rollers for a wee while now :)
i have a few things i may have to send your way!

to finish off i have a few more made in nz labels to share .
i am thinking of doing a round up page of label love as there really 
isn't much info out there at all about retro/vintage nz clothing .
watch this space...

(excuse the bad photo's from my phone) 

this  skirt looks horrible on a hanger! but it's fantastic on . 
it has 2 pockets and flares out at the bottom

ok - so i have a "thing" for ugly cardies! 
i can't help it - i have quite a few.
this 'reno' one i scored for $1 
i also have a cropped , burnt orange coloured cardie by the same label!

ooh it looks hideous in this pic! 
i'll have to do some pics where i'm wearing my ugly cardies! 


  1. Another Nelson op shop fanatic love it! Thanks for the comment here are the other nelson bloggers I'm aware of, though there may be more? Katrina @ and Clare @ I have met up with Katrina but there is no organist meet ups at least I don't think....

    1. Oh cool, thanks, will pop over and say hello to them also - perhaps we should initiate one!