Thursday, August 8, 2013

freebin friday and a lush experience

found a lovely wee glass tea cup and saucer today 
you can't tell in this bad photo but there is roses and leaves molded in the glass.
super pretty and FREE!

last night i attended a Lush VIP Perfume night, to promote their new range of Gorilla Perfumes.
it was so devine and we go spoilt!!
the night was designed to be a sensory delight.
as we were introduced to each fragrance we moved around the shop, different music was played, 
and they used props like orange lollipops when we smelled 'the sun'.
freshly brewed coffee whilst experiencing 'the voice of reason', a taste of vanilla and coconut whilst smelling 
"furze' and feeling fresh foliage whilst trying out 'flower's burrow'  - which was my FAVE!
we got a freebie for attending and more free gifts if we bought something (of course!)
i am such a lushie fan! their products are amazing so i don't have a problem with that!!

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