Sunday, August 4, 2013

thrifted finds & bits n bobs

wow it has been warmer this past week.
feels like spring!

i have been in the spring clean mood and spring cleaned my kitchen! 
it felt great!

i also got baking!


 bad photo - but very cool case! 
i think it is a sewing case but i shall use for make up and show things!!

 our sunbeam mixing bowl broke when we shifted and have been searching for one ever since.
one came into the opshop i volunteer at and they gave a me a very generous discount!
i don't even know if i can say how much they let me have it for .... too good!!
i shall be shouting them some baking next week!

oval dotted, meakin plate!! 50cents!!
couldn't believe it!!

i am looking forward to having a good scavenge at the opshops towards the 
end of the week.
and i am attending a LUSH vip perfume evening! 
will take some snaps!


  1. Score! I love good opshoppey karma!

  2. My goodness you scored some lovey things.
    I have a sunbeam mixer too, mines yellow and was found in June of 2010. (I only remembered that because I blogged about my find *heheeh*)
    That meakin plate is delightful.