Saturday, March 21, 2015

I want to come back to you!

It had been HOW LONG???!!!!
But I am starting to feel the urge to start blogging again.... so much yumness as we head into autunm here in NZ.
In Nelson it still very warm in the day time but gets nipply in the evening.
I have been to a most wonderful sale.... the  'Eclectic Jumble Sale'.
It has historically been held in Wellington, but this year wee ol'Nelson gets a turn!
The shop is based here in Nelson  and has a quite the collection of goodies (mostly too pricey for me).
I shall take photos and show what I scored soon!
I still scour the ops shops and find treasures so will also start re posting.
I love seeing other people treasures too - so let's share!!
Feeling my autumn colours.

last swim of summer - just 2 weeks ago.

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